Brian Citro 
& Charles Gorczynski 
W/ Salamander Ensemble

GENRES:  Progressive Jazz; Soundtrack
UPC:  890429001012
Catalog:  DFC 101
TIME:  72:58
Improvisation 1 *1:38 
Improvisation 2 *2:24 
Circle One *7:09 
Improvisation 3 *2:57 
Circle Two *6:38 
Improvisation 4 *1:33 
Stranger Things Have Happened *2:22 
Improvisation 5 *2:09 
Improvisation 6 *2:15 
Pitta *3:22 
Improvisation 7 *2:31 
Kent's Lament One *4:12 
Kent's Lament Two *4:55 
Improvisation 8 *1:56 
Kent's Lament Three *4:48 
Improvisation 9 *1:18 
Improvisation 10 *4:06 
Circle Three *6:13 
Improvisation 11 *1:43 
Shine *7:01 
Improvisation 12 *1:41 
(3, 5, 10, 18 composed by Gorczynski 
7, 12, 13, 15, 20 composed by Citro) 
Brian Citro and Charles Gorczynski- guitars, 
saxophones, marimba, glockenspiel, piano, 
Wurlitzer, handclaps 
Jake Vinsel- acoustic and electric bass 
Ben Wagley- percussion 
Recorded and Mixed by Tim Iseler 
Soma Studios, July 2005 
Mastered by Mark Guenther 
Seattle Disc Mastering, August 2005

LABEL:   Dreamfast Cinema
	2025 W. Fulton St., Chicago IL 60612
CONTACT:  Bruce Wood, 773-486-0110

CD RELEASE DATE:  July 4, 2006
Super D/Phantom 

Digital Release Date:   May 23, 2006
DISTRIBUTORs (Digital):   AEC, Sony RED 


The Door is the debut release of Chicago's emerging 
master musicians Brian Citro and Charles Gorczynski.

The Door features twenty one compositions specially 
created for Bruce Wood's psychological/supernatural 
mystery film of the same name.  While the music is 
typical of Citro & Gorczynski's style, each track was 
created to illustrate a theme or scene in the movie.  
Rather than synchronize their compositions to the
finished film, the composers worked from the written 
script.  Wood asked them to "make a CD, and collage 
the music to the images later".

The music of Brian Citro and Charles Gorczynski is 
both transcendental and urban. Using acoustic (guitar 
and saxophone) and electronic elements, their 
compositions are unique song formats focused in a 
range between abstract sound textures and accessible 

Both Citro and Gorczynski are active members of 
the Chicago music scene. They have composed 
music for the Experimental Theatre Chicago's "ETC." 
performance festival and perform with their ensemble 
Salamander at Spot 6, Rodan and The Green Mill.   
Aside from their own performances, they have worked
with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Hydro, (an Afro-
Reggae group), Tchaka,(a Haitian roots music and 
Caribbean jazz group), Umphrey's Mcgee, and many 
others. Citro and Gorczynski also co-lead the 
experimental music quintet Video Gum Culture.