Door, The 
Director/writer/camera/editor: Bruce Wood
Producers: Bruce Wood & Lucas Brown
Music: Brian Citro, Charles Gorczynski
USA: 2005: 92 mins:
With: Bill Ferris, Katherine Wray, Chase Stoeger, Karla Magnan, Ryan Martin, Paul J. Slavinski, 
Dean Stump, Sue Durso, Jason Matthew Palmer, Phillip Judson, Alexander J. Sanborn, Bruce Wood : 

Today I watched the first film by Bruce Wood called "The Door". 

From The DVD cover I knew it had gay content and that it had something to do with dreams so 
I was prepared for almost anything. I watched the entire film and was on edge of my chair for most 
of the film since I could not figure out why things were happening. It was like a murder / mystery film where 
you can not figure "who did it". You are brought through the story of old friends (gays, bisexuals and 
straights) and a new good looking charming male person who suddenly appears and enters into their 
lives with amazing results. 

You are fooled into believing you understand what is going on but you really can not guess the real story line. 
So basically it is almost impossible to tell you the story line without spoiling the film.
What I can say I enjoyed the film and if you want to watch a really special film - this is the one to see especially 
if you have had "special" dreams of your own. 

I like the direction, story line and the unusual filming technique plus the really good sound tract. 
So I am looking forward to seeing more films made by Bruce Wood and can not wait to see where 
he takes us to in the next film !!! Phillip

P.S. The DVD contains additional material and interviews with the actors. Once you have watched these
you will understand more of the background of the storyline.  If you want to see the trailer / read about the 
film awards or simply to buy it - visit the web site of Bruce Wood ´s The Door :
Phillip Stiewert