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Chicago premiere!
Bruce Wood in person!
2005, Bruce Wood, USA, 92 min.
Boasting a Chicago setting, witty dialogue, and 
a tricky story with a Shyamalan-worthy twist, 
THE DOOR is the first feature film by Bruce Wood, 
an SAIC graduate whose paintings and avant-garde 
shorts have been exhibited worldwide. Softhearted 
Kent (Bill Ferris) and supercilious Ori (Ryan Martin) 
are longtime companions, but Kent is reluctant to 
accept Ori's advice to stick to "our kind."  
He becomes involved with three friends--a fed-up wife 
(Katherine Wray), a recent Ph.D. (Karla Magnan), and 
a struggling stockbroker (Chase Stoeger)--and helps 
them achieve their dreams of true love, a great job, 
and financial success, respectively, but then things 
mysteriously begin to fall apart. Is Kent a con artist, 
a blundering do-gooder, a misunderstood victim, 
or something else? 

DV-CAM video.
Director Bruce Wood and members of the cast and crew 
will be present for audience discussion. (MR)