Directed by 
Bruce Wood

GENRES:  Supernatural/ Mystery/
 Gay/ Drama
RATING:  Un Rated (PG-13) 
 Sexual situations.
UPC:  827912028935
DVD EXTRAS:  Trailer; interviews; 
Soundtrack intro.
TIME:  92 min + Extras
Director:  Bruce Wood
Producer:  Bruce Wood
Writer:  Bruce Wood
Music:  Brian Citro & 
 Charles Gorczynski
Bill Ferris, Kent
Katherine Wray, Jean 
Chase Stoeger, Ron
Karla Magnan, Charlene
Ryan Martin, Ori
Paul J. Slavinski, Old Bob
Whitney Schaffer, Sarah
January Scarpino, Mayor's Assistant
Howie Johnson, Tom
Arlene Cooney, Mom
Dean Stump, Scott
Sue Durso, Mayor Dudley
Jason Matthew Palmer, Bart
Phillip Judson, Dominique
Alexander J. Sanborn,  Young Bob
Tom Lally,  Dad
Kern Wassan, Freddy
Helene Alter-Dyche,  Neighbor
MsPixy (Emily Dugan), Dancer
Bruce Wood, Bruce
Andy Schatner,  Gordon
William Janosco, William
LABEL:   Dreamfast Cinema
	2025 W. Fulton St., Chicago IL 60612
CONTACT:  Bruce Wood, 773-486-0110
RELEASE DATE:  July 4, 2006
Distributors (DVD):  CED Entertainment Distribution, 
                               Super D/Phantom Distribution
Distributors (Digital): Sony RED

There are those who remember their dreams too well.

Kent, a realist who does not dream, is skeptical 
of those who do. At the end of a long relationship, 
and desperate for new friends, he seeks the advice 
of Ori, his mentor. Ori thinks Kent has an identity 
problem, and sets him up with three people who 
happen to be lucid dreamers.

As Kent befriends them, his motives are questioned.  
Ori warns him that they are a different breed, and 
not to get too involved.   Kent ignores Ori's advice, 
until his new friend shoots him stating, 
"I know what you are".

COMMENTS/ Target Audience:
This intelligent and original story is a treat for those 
seeking answers to what they experience in dreams.  
It is packed with rich dialogue and multi-layered meanings 
which become clear on repeated viewings.

It has main characters who are gay, and some who only 
appear to be. In keeping with a balanced view of the world, 
there's hetero themes as well. Something for everyone, and 
a question which takes 90 minutes to be answered!

Bruce Wood is a contemporary painter and film/video maker. 
His avant-garde short films have been featured in solo 
presentations at many fine art venues, including the 
Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and The Museum 
of Modern Art (Beaubourg) in Paris. His films are in the
collections of The Carnegie Institute Museum of Art, 
The Royal Film Archive of Belgium, and the School of the 
Art Institute of Chicago. Wood studied at Massachusetts 
College of Art (BFA), and was a student of Stan Brakhage 
at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA). 
The Door is Bruce Wood's first dramatic feature film.