Brian Citro & Charles Gorczynski

THE DOOR SOUNDTRACK CD Feedback from listeners
I just gave it a spin (the CD: "Original Soundtrack of Bruce Wood's - The Door" Brian Citro and Charles Gorczynski) - It is an excellent atmosphere, very jazzy with some electronic elements. It really opened my appetite for the movie itself! :-) -Jean-Henry Berevoescu, Progressive Music Society (Rated The Door "10" on the Gnosos2000 Database!) ***** ...gave it a spin with a drummer friend of mine. We enjoyed! I like the Circle tracks best, as they remind me a bit of jazzy / acoustic renditions of King Crimson style tunes. The improvisation tracks are fun too, especially difficult to access sometimes which definitely makes it fun to imagine what could be going on in a movie over them! -Mike Shetzer, Shaking Judy/Progressive Music Society *****
This cd went above and beyond my expectations! The music is fresh and intelligent. The music is genius! I want more!! I have told all my friends and colleagues about this cd. -Patricia Bernesser, ***** Loved the disc. -Luis Torregrosa, Gnosis Reviewer (Rated The Door "10" on the Gnosos2000 Database!) ***** ...I think the music is excellent… There is an underlying sense of tension and foreboding in a lot of what's going on that I'm sure lends a certain creepiness to the film. I'd be interested in seeing the film when it comes out, and buying a non soundtrack cd from Brian and Charles should there be any forthcoming. -Marion Anderson, Ohio ***** A strong feature of all the tracks is the cyclic, minimal, looped samples of sax and guitar with the emphasis very much on ambience and rhythm although several tracks do have a strong melodic element such as on Stranger Things which has a very laid back, smoky jazz vibe which I like. My favourite tracks would be the many varied Improvisations, some of which are very dreamy and mysterious with interesting treatments and electronic effects, echoes etc. made on the sax and guitar. A Caribbean/African element is also present such as on the three parts of Kent’s Lament, although I would say these are far too upbeat and bright to be a lament! Pitta reminded me very much of Hatfield and the North with its cyclic electric piano, bass & guitar chords and I was half waiting for Richard Sinclair to begin singing! I viewed the film clip and the music certainly adds an edgy air of expectancy and tension to what looks to be a very interesting film covering a fascinating subject. -Steve Hillman, U.K. ***** A little bit more words about this great music: *The Door is the debut release of Chicago´s emerging master musicians Brian Citro and Charles Gorczynski. The Door features 21 compositions created for BRUCE WOOD´S psychological/supernatural mystery film of the same name.While the music is typical of Citro and Gorczynski´s style, each track was created to illustrate a theme or scene in the movie. Rather than synchronize their compositions to the finished film, the composers worked from the writtem sript. Wood asked them to "make a CD, and collage the music to the images later" -- something that I really celebrate !! -- *The Music: both transcendental and urban. Their compositions incorporate both acoustic ( guitar & saxophone ) and electronics elements. Their unique song formats cover a range between abstract sound textures and accessible melodies.* People, THANKS for reading, now I´m begining to OPEN this Door... -Tomas Casanova, Costa Rica, Progressive Music Society (Rated The Door "10" on the Gnosos2000 Database!)


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