THE DOOR Production Photos

Katherine Wray (Jean) & Bill Ferris (Kent)
Phillip Judson (Dominique) & Chase Stoeger (Ron) 
get to know each other in Bora-Bora dream sequence.

Set for Art Studio scene.  Dreamfast Cinema 
studio, Chicago
Bruce Wood photographs MsPixy's performance 
in front of the green screen.  Chase Cafe, Chicago.

Karla Magnan (Charlene)
Garrett Matheson & Katherine Wray in candlelight.

Bruce Wood (Director), Steve Simon (Sound) 
& Bill Ferris (Kent), 
at Fenway Gallery, Chicago.
 Ryan Martin (Ori) on set in Lakeside, Michigan.

Charlene's party scene. (New Buffalo, MI)

Katherine Wray (Jean) and Karla Magnan (Charlene).

Getting ready for the Cafe scene, at the 
Chocolate Cafe in New Buffalo, Michigan.

Bruce Wood, Steve Simon, Ryan Martin.  
On set in Lakeside, Michigan
Arlene Cooney & Tom Lally (Mom & Dad), 
Helene Alter-Dyche (Neighbor), and Duke.

Steve Simon, (Boom Operator and 
Bora-Bora Greeter.
Katherine Wray, Chase Stoeger & Karla Magnan 
(Jean, Ron & Charlene), on theBora-Bora dream 
set, at Dreamfast Cinema's Chicago studio.
Phillip Judson, Steve Simon, Bruce Wood (standing). 
Chase Stoeger, Karla Magnan, Katherine Wray (in car), 
Bora Bora dream set.


Katherine Wray, Bill Ferris, Steve Simon, 
Bruce Wood, Jessica Volpe. Kent's Chicago 
apartment set.


Bill Ferris, Chase Stoeger, Phillip Judson
& Jason Matthew Palmer.