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THE DEER THIEF Hunts for New Producer

Dominion Films' development of THE DEER THIEF has been completed and Dreamfast Cinema is looking for a Producer to continue on with the project as Dominion Films is unable to do so due to other commitments.

Several accomplished Producers have been contacted. The selection may effect the final location, talent and crew choices. The production, originally developed for principal photography in Houston, Texas, may now move to another state. For that reason, casting has been postponed, pending the attachment of a new Producer. The schedule, however, has not changed. Production is tentatively scheduled for October and November 2007.


Bruce Wood's THE DEER THIEF Moves Forward

Dreamfast Cinema of Chicago and Dominion Films (Houston & Chicago) announced that THE DEER THIEF has moved beyond the development stage. Producer Abiiba Howell will be attaching the major talent. Keanu Reeves, Guy Pearce, Jake Gyllenhall and Ryan Gosling have been targeted for lead roles. Production will take place in Texas in October/November 2007.


New Production VLOG

Writer/Director Bruce Wood has started a video production blog (VLOG) on YouTube. The story, characters, gossip, news and more will be revealed. The VLOG will also be included on

Direct link to youtube:


THE DEER THIEF in Development

Dreamfast Cinema of Chicago and Dominion Films (Houston & Chicago) have entered into an agreement to develop and produce The Deer Thief, a feature-length motion picture by Chicago writer/director Bruce Wood.

The Deer Thief is a ghost story/mystery evolving around a paranormal love affair. It is the second feature by Bruce Wood. His debut feature, the supernatural mystery The Door, was released on DVD in 2006 (DVD title Bruce Wood’s The Door). The Deer Thief continues Wood’s supernatural narrative, which was described by The Gene Siskel Film Center‘s Martin Rubin as "a tricky story with a Shyamalan-worthy twist".

North American video distribution will be through the Dreamfast Cinema label, as part of their twelve-release deal with CED Entertainment Distribution. CED operates via the Sony Red and Super-D/Phantom Distribution channels.

Production of The Deer Thief will take place in Chicago and Southwest Michigan. Dominion Films principal Abiiba Howell will be producing the project. Several known actors are being considered for the leads.

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