Bruce Wood is known for art in several media. His abstract/experimantal films are owned by major museums including the Royal Film Archive of Belgium and the Andy Warhol Museum. Abandonning film in 1980, he concentrated on producing paintings and prints which are sold internationally. Bruce Wood is again engaged in the creation of motion pictures. Bruce Wood's "THE DOOR",(2006) a feature length psychological drama, is now available on DVD through major online distributors. Follow this link to see reviews and a preview trailer of "THE DOOR" A quicktime movie of a selection from Bruce Wood's most recent abstract/experimental video, "New Kisses" (6 min, 2004) can be accessed by clicking on one of the following links. "New Kisses" was shot on 16mm film and edited digitally. The final version is available on miniDV. "New Kisses" Download for ISDN (5.7MB) "New Kisses" Download for DSL (1.7MB) "New Kisses" Download for Dial-up Modem (16K)

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